How to view monthly activity on apple watch?

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Tap the monthly calendar to return to Today view.


  • Up Next: Shows your upcoming events for the week.
  • List: Shows all your events from yesterday through six days from today.
  • Day: Shows just the events for this day.
  • How to see monthly activity on apple watch?

    Tap Activity in the Summary tab to see details about your all day activity. Tap the calendar to see your progress for the month. On the calendar, a green dot appears next to the days that you worked out. To see more detail, tap a day.

    How to view activity history on Apple Watch?

    On your Apple Watch

    1. Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.
    2. Swipe up to see details for each ring.
    3. Swipe up again to see more, like your total steps, your distance, and workouts.
    4. To see your weekly summary, swipe up again, then tap Weekly Summary.

    How to view daily and weekly activity on Apple Watch?

    Tap on the Activity rings on your Apple Watch. Make sure you are on the Activity screen and not Sharing or Awards. Scroll down past the rings and graphs to the bottom of the screen. You'll see Weekly Summary above Change Goals.

    How to view Apple Watch activity Awards on iPhone?

    You can also open the Fitness app on your iPhone, tap the Summary tab, then swipe up to see Awards at the bottom of the screen.


  • Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.
  • Swipe left two times to view the Awards screen.
  • Scroll up to see your awards. Tap an award to learn more about it.
  • How do I view Activity on Apple Watch?

    The Stand, Exercise, and Move rings make up the central display for your overall activity as captured by your Apple Watch. Scrolling down in the Activity app on your watch will show you an hour-by-hour breakdown of your activity for each (when you've moved, when you've recorded exercise minutes, and when you've stood).

    How do I view the Activity app on my Apple Watch?

    Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Activity. Choose your notifications and reminders. For example, coaching notifications are based on your previous progress.

    What are the monthly Apple Watch challenges?

    Question: Q: Monthly challenges Apple Watch

    • may reach your exercise goal 8 times may.
    • Close all 3 activity rings 11 times June.
    • Double move goal 11 times July.

    Are monthly challenges on Apple Watch personalized?

    Those Monthly Challenges are tailored to you and just get harder over time. As you use your best Apple Watch more and more, you'll notice that you have a Monthly Challenge to complete for the month.

    How to find monthly challenge on apple watch?

    Monthly Challenge If you have notifications set for the Activity app on our Apple Watch, you'll see the goal presented at the beginning of the month, but you'll also see the current month's challenge in the Achievements tab of the Activity app on your iPhone.

    How to see monthly summary on apple watch?

    Step #1. Open Health app on your iPhone → By default, you are on Today screen; if not there, tap on Today from the bottom → Now, tap on Activity banner, which is seen on the top in black background. Step #2. On Activity screen, you can see the summary for Today, Date range, Month, and Year.

    How to see monthly steps on apple watch?

    Via the Health app on your iPhone, where chart options include daily, weekly and monthly averages, but not totals: Go to Health Data > Activity > Steps.


  • Via the Activity app on your watch:
  • Via the Activity app on your iPhone:
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