How to log into showtime on apple tv?

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How do I log in to SHOWTIME Anytime?

  1. Go to and click the 'Log In' link located at the top of the page.
  2. Choose your television provider.
  3. Enter your TV provider username and password.
  4. Click “Log In”

How do I log into SHOWTIME without a TV provider?

How do I access and sign in to the SHOWTIME streaming service on the web? To access the SHOWTIME streaming service on the web: On a supported web browser, visit and select 'Sign In' Sign in using the SHOWTIME credentials created upon subscribing.

How much is showtime on apple tv?

Apple TV channels let you access services like Paramount Plus and Showtime in one app — plans start at $3 a month. A bookmark The letter F.

How do I log into SHOWTIME with my Apple ID?

Visit and click 'Sign In' in the top right corner. Enter your SHOWTIME account email and password to begin viewing.

How do I log into SHOWTIME Anytime without a TV provider?

To log in to Showtime Anytime from the website, you must click on the Showtime Anytime tab found at the top of the home page, then click on “Start Watching Now.” You do not need to be logged in to to watch Showtime Anytime.

Does Apple TV include Showtime?

Apple TV channels let you watch content from different streaming services inside the Apple TV app. Popular Apple TV channels include Paramount Plus, Showtime, Starz, and more. Subscription fees for each channel range from $3 to $11 a month.

Is Showtime free with Apple TV Plus?

Showtime has launched a free preview this weekend with select distributors through Monday, May 2. The network's programming is now available for free and without a subscription on the Apple TV app.

How to activate Showtime Anytime on Apple TV?

Under the Devices, section select Activate device. Now, proceed to select Activate Apple TV. Type in the alphanumeric characters (activation code) from your TV screen, give it 5 seconds and you will get the wanted results. Showtime Anytime is activated on your Apple TV.

How to cancel apple tv showtime subscription?

How to cancel Showtime on Apple TV Channels

  1. In the Settings app, tap your Profile section at the top of the screen. (Image credit: Apple)
  2. Click Subscriptions. (Image credit: Apple)
  3. Tap Showtime. (Image credit: Apple)
  4. Tap Cancel (you may not see "free trial" if you're already paying). (Image credit: Apple)
  5. Tap Confirm.

How to watch showtime anytime on apple tv?

Can you stream SHOWTIME on Apple TV?

  1. Click here to sign up for SHOWTIME.
  2. Once you've signed up, go to the Home Screen on your Apple TV.
  3. Launch the app store and search for “SHOWTIME” on your Apple TV.
  4. Select “Download” to install the app.
  5. Once installed, log in using your SHOWTIME credentials.

How much is Showtime Anytime on Apple TV?

Subscribe to SHOWTIME on APPLE TV APP. 30-Day Free Trial then only $10.99/month.

How long is Showtime free on Apple TV?

Subscribe to SHOWTIME on APPLE TV APP. 30-Day Free Trial then only $10.99/month. Add SHOWTIME to your DIRECTV STREAM channel line-up.

Does SHOWTIME have an app on Apple TV?

Showtime free preview is also available on the Apple TV app for Apple TV 4K and HD, as well as supported smart TVs, game consoles and cable set-top boxes.

Can you add Showtime to Apple TV?

Yes. Your SHOWTIME subscription allows you to view your favorite series, movies and more across all supported devices, including your Apple TV. Once subscribed, you can watch across any devices where the SHOWTIME app is available for download.

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