How to clean icloud space?

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Select the files that you want to delete, then tap Delete . Open the iCloud Drive folder and tap Recently Deleted. Select the folders or files that you want to delete. Tap Delete.

Is the iCloud locked iPhone clean?

If you get iCloud status clean, it means there is no issue in the device, and it can be used for further purposes. However, if the Activation lock is there, we would recommend you to contact the previous owner for that. As they will provide you the Apple ID and password, so you can remove the lock easily.

How to check and clean up disk space on Mac?

Click the little Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Select the first option, "About this Mac", so you can see what's going on. Once you're there, select the Storage option (in the middle) and check out what's taking up space.

How to check the available storage space in iCloud?

On, you can see how much iCloud storage you have and how much is available.

  1. On, go to Account Settings, then look at the Storage section.
  2. To see information about a segment of the bar graph, hold the pointer over the segment until its name and numeric storage size appear above the graph.

How to free up space on icloud photos?

There are actually quite a few steps you can take to clean and free up some of your iCloud storage. Clean up your photo library. Delete old backups. Remove old files.


  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage.
  • Scroll down and tap on the app.
  • Tap Delete Data.
  • Does GoodNotes take iCloud space?

    Therefore, if you see "GoodNotes 5" on this list, it means you have some GoodNotes documents in iCloud. Tapping "GoodNotes 5" and choosing "Delete Data" will free up some iCloud storage, but contrary to the warning, the local data will not be deleted from the app.

    How to clean out your iCloud storage?

    Open the Finder and go to the iCloud Drive folder. Drag an item to the Trash, or move it to a different folder on your Mac. Open Trash, then right-click the files that you want to delete. Select Delete Immediately.

    Does clean email work with iCloud?

    How to Use Clean Email App to Organize iCloud Mailbox. The Clean Email app makes it easy and simple to organize and clean your mailbox. Now, you can adjust your iCloud email settings without having to physically go into your mail app or website.

    How do I recover space in iCloud Mail?

    Now let's dive into the different ways you can clear up some extra iCloud storage space, including: Deleting old backups. Deleting messages. Removing duplicate or unwanted photos.


  • Locate Messages in iCloud.
  • Select “Disable & Delete”
  • Select Individual Messages.
  • Delete Selected Messages.
  • How do you add storage space to iCloud?

    Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Apple ID. Click iCloud. Click Manage in the lower-right corner. Click Change Storage Plan or Buy More Storage, and choose a plan.

    How to free up space on iCloud in 5 steps?

    To get rid of these files, open up iCloud from the Settings app (iOS) or System Preferences app (MacOS). Then click or tap Manage Backups to see all of the backups that are currently saved to your iCloud account. Delete the ones you don't need any longer, and you'll instantly free up storage space.

    How to check iCloud storage space from iPhone?

    Check your iCloud storage on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. The bar graph shows your overall storage usage.

    How to free up space on icloud drive on mac?

    You can permanently remove all documents and data for an app. You can save copies of documents before removing them from iCloud. Remove an iOS or iPadOS device backup: Click Backups on the left, select a device on the right whose backup you don't need, then click Delete (below the list of backups).

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