How much does the iphone 5 cost at t mobile?

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Device pricing for well-qualified customers. Total price for iPhone 6 (16GB) $649.92 (64GB) $749.91, and (128GB) $849.91; iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) $749.76, (64GB) $849.99, and (128GB) $949.99; and iPhone 5C (8GB) $449.76; If you cancel wireless service remaining balance on phone becomes due.

How much does the iPhone 8 cost on T-Mobile?

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How much does an iphone 8 cost at t-mobile?

Apple iPhone 8, US Version, 64GB, Gold - T-Mobile (Renewed)

You Save:$9.06>

How much does a T-Mobile phone cost?

T-Mobile unlimited plan: How it compares on price

Monthly price comparison1 line2 lines
U.S. Cellular$70$135

How much does it cost to switch to Metro by T-Mobile?

Starting July 29, switch and upgrade to Metro by T-MobileT-MobileManage Links

Web Guard is a free service for T-Mobile customers that you can use to help restrict adult content from being seen or accessed by family members under 18 years old. for just $25/month with trade in for one line of unlimited talk, text and high-speed smartphone data including unlimited 5G on T-Mobile's award-winning 5G network at no extra cost. Plus, you can get a free 5G phone.

How much does T-Mobile family allowance cost?

Add FamilyMode® to your plan for $10/month and keep track of your family's digital life across every device from an all-in-one app on your phone.

How much does it cost to connect a phone at T-Mobile?

T-Mobile Connect represents a new level of value at $15 per month plus tax – half the price of T-Mobile's lowest priced plan – for unlimited talk and text plus 2GB high-speed smartphone data, including access to T-Mobile's nationwide 5G network.

How much does it cost for 3 lines on T-Mobile?

What Additional Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Are Available From T-Mobile?

Company1 Line3 Lines
T-Mobile Connect 5.5 GB »$25$25
T-Mobile Simply Prepaid 10 GB »$40$30
T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Unlimited »$50$30
T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus »$60$30

How much does it cost for 2 lines on T-Mobile?

These prices do not include taxes and fees, and reflect a limited-time 3rd Line Free offer. Magenta: Video streams in standard definition.How T-Mobile's family plan compares on prices.

Monthly price comparisonU.S. Cellular
1 line$70
2 lines$135
3 lines$160
4 lines$180

How much does T-Mobile cost per line?

T-Mobile's Magenta plan costs $70 for one line, with discounts to add more: Two lines go for $60 each, three for $40 each, and four for $35 each. Those rates include a $5 discount for setting up automatic payments.

How much does a iphone 5 cost?

iPhone 5 prices start at $43 and cost $48 on average as of July 2022. iPhone 5 prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Apple phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced.

How much does an iPhone 5 cost?

iPhone 5 prices start at $41 and cost $48 on average as of July 2022.

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