How many airpods pro were sold in 2020?

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AirPods have become a significant business for Apple, with over 100 million sales in 2020.


How many AirPods were sold in 2019?

In 2018, AirPods were Apple's most popular accessory product, with 35 million units sold. 60 million units were sold in 2019.

How many airpods were sold in 2021?

Apple's AirPods had another successful holiday season. The company sold 27 million pairs of its newest version of the AirPods, for a total of 90 million sold during the holiday quarter of 2021, according to a report over the weekend from top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI Asset Management Limited.

How many smartphones were sold in the US in 2020?

Vendors shipped 31.9 million smartphones in the United States in Q2 2020, a 5% year-on-year decline, but an 11% quarter-on-quarter increase. Resumption of Chinese factory operations at the end of March and stores reopening in May and June were key contributors to sequential market growth.

How many phones were sold in the US in 2020?

70% of smartphones shipped in the US in Q2 2020 made in China

United States smartphone shipments and annual growth Canalys Smartphone Market Pulse: Q2 2020
VendorQ2 2020 shipments (million)Q2 2019 shipments (million)

How much were AirPod pros in 2020?

AirPods Pro usually cost $249.

How many Airpod Pros sold?

Sales analysts believe AirPods Pro sales could reach 90 million in 2020. The first generation AirPods released in 2016 – while AirPods Pro debuted last year. The wireless earbuds feature active noise-cancellation, improved sound, and water resistance. Analysts estimate the line-up sold 60 million last year.

How many iphone x were sold?

Top-selling mobile phones


How many iphone 7 were sold?

Top-selling mobile phones


How many MacBooks were sold in 2022?

Apple shipped 7.2 million Macs in the first quarter of 2022, getting 8.9% of the market share. A year ago, Apple shipped 6.9 million Macs, with an 8.1% market share. It's a 4.3% growth YoY. Around the first quarter of 2021, Apple was unveiling its first desktop with the M1 chip, the 24-inch iMac.

How many smart watches were sold?

Overall shipments of smartwatches in the country grew by over 9.6 million units in the year. International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that the watch market in India that comprises smartwatches as well as connected watches grew by 364.1 percent YoY in 2021 to 12.2 million units, up from 2.63 million units in 2020.

How many of the first iPads were sold?

iPad (1st generation)

Units sold15 million
Operating systemOriginal: iPhone OS 3.2 Last: iOS 5.1.1, released May 7, 2012
System on a chipApple A4
CPU1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8
Memory256 MB DDR RAM

How many Macbooks were in 2020?

The global demand for PCs and laptops increased significantly in 2020, with millions of people working from home and practicing distance learning amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

How much were AirPods 2020?

The entry-level AirPods are identical to the version with wireless charging case, apart from the case, of course. Normally, you'd pay $159 for this model.

How many laptops sold 2020?

An IDC survey showed global shipments of laptops bumped 26% during the COVID-19 pandemic to 218 million in 2020. The figure is expected to grow slightly to 225 million this year.

How many iPhones sold 2020?

Apple's iPhone was the No. 1 selling smartphone in the final quarter of 2020. Gartner estimates that Apple sold nearly 80 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, claiming almost 21% of market share.

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