How come my photos are not on icloud?

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How to access iCloud Photos

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Tap the Library tab to see your photos.
  • Tap the Albums tab to see My Albums, Shared Albums, People & Places, Media Types, and Utilities. You can also learn more about content that you share with others.

Why are my texts coming from iCloud?

Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and make sure only the phone number is checked. Basically, your iMessage settings have become slightly off due to the update. Go into Settings -> Messages -> Send/Receive. You should see your phone number and your email address.

How to highlight photos in iCloud Photos?

Hold and drag your finger across the images you want to select. When selected, the images will be overlayed with a blue tick. 4.

Does iCloud come with a VPN?

Private Relay is free with the entry-level iCloud+ subscription. While it isn't a full VPN, privacy for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users is improved. Apple now offers an enhanced security feature called iCloud Private Relay and it sounds a little like a VPN.

Will disabling iCloud photo library delete my photos?

Summary. To summarize, turning off iCloud Photos will not delete existing photos from iCloud. However, they may be deleted from iPhone/iPad depending on the above two settings. If you accidentally turn off iCloud Photos, don't worry for your data is safe on iCloud even if it disappears from your iPhone/iPad.

How to back up my photos to iCloud?

Recommended by Our Editors On iOS, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud and toggle iCloud Drive to on. Go to the Photos app, select a picture or video, tap the Send icon, and select Save to Files > iCloud Drive > Save, which will send the image to the Files app.

How to access iCloud Photos on my Mac?

How to access iCloud Photos on Mac

  1. Click the Apple icon at the top-left of your screen.
  2. Click System Preferences > iCloud.
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  4. Check the box next to Photos to turn it on.
  5. Open the Photos app.

How to recover my photos from iCloud?

How to recover photos and videos from iCloud

  1. Go to in any web browser (you might need to sign in).
  2. Click on Photos.
  3. Click on Albums at the top.
  4. Click the Recently Deleted album.
  5. Click on the photos you want to restore.
  6. Click on Recover.

How large is my iCloud photo library?

If you're not familiar with iCloud, you might not realize what's taking up all your storage space. Because iCloud is used for iPhone or iPad backups, as well as to store your entire photo library, the 5GB you get with a free iCloud account may not be enough. Some of the data that you can sync to iCloud includes: Photos.

Why are my photos coming out sideways?

The reason your photo would appear this way is because the photo was taken that way (either with the phone sideways or upside down) and the image file itself is in this orientation. For example, if you hold your phone upright and take a photo, the photo is saved in portrait mode or "sideways".

Why are my photos coming out dull?

The main reason your photos look "dull" is that you let your camera decide how your photos look. It may be okay for vacation or party photos but it's never okay for professional photos. You have to process your pictures. Adjust brightness, contrast, white/black points, color tuning, sharping, and so on and many more.

How to select all photos in iCloud Photos?

On your Mac or PC, log into your Apple account at

  1. Click on Photos.
  2. On a Mac, click anywhere on the page (to focus your cursor).
  3. On a PC, you don't need to click on the web page first, simply press CTRL + A to select all images.
  4. From here, you can download or delete the images in bulk.

How long are photos stored in iCloud Photos?

Photos stored in iClouds photo stream are only stored for up to 30 days and up to 1000 photos (whichever you reach first). You should save any photos you want to keep to your photo roll or iPhoto within the 30 days allocated.

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